FT-i50 AIRCRAFT TRACKER  (designed for light aircraft)


The FT-i50 Tracker kit has three parts.

  1. The FT-i50 Tracker with power and data cable.
  2. A dual Antenna. Iridium and GPS.
  3. A pushbutton, the use of which is optional.

When you receive the FT-i50 it will have already been activated on the Iridium Satellite Network which covers the globe using 66 satellites in low earth orbit. 

The following describes how the FT-i50 was installed in a Cessna 172.
In most Cessna 172s there is a storage compartment in the lower right side of the instrument panel.  Datalink recommends using industrial grade VELCRO to attach the FT-i50 to the bottom surface of the storage compartment. However don't put the i50 in place before connecting the power cable and antenna cables.


The FT-i50 will operate with DC voltage between 8v to 28v with a current draw of 5 mA on idle and 2 amps when transmitting GPS data over the Iridium Satellites which lasts typically around one second.   Datalink recommends connecting to a cigar lighter socket if available. Otherwise connect to auxiliary accessory power source, with an in-line fuse rated at 5 amps. NOTE! this should only be alive when the electric circuits are powered up.


The Push Button included in the kit allows for a manual alert to be sent when pushed and held for two seconds. The alert consists of GPS location and Aircraft CALL-SIGN being transmitted every 15 seconds for 5 minutes.


Again we recommend using VELCRO to mount the single dual antenna housing on the top starboard side of the instrument panel with a clear view of the sky. Route the cables down the side and attach to the FT-i50 noting the Iridium antenna connects to the front of the FT-i50 to the connector labelled "IRIDIUM".  The GPS antenna connects to the single connector on the rear panel. Ensure both connectors are screwed on tightly.


You may also use an FAA approved Iridium / GPS permanently attached Antenna if you prefer, Suitable antennas can be found on Google. Search "Iridium GPS FAA antennas". Cable end connectors must be SMA-Male Contract a certified aircraft service technician to mount it on an upper surface with maximum unobstructed sky view.


When power is applied to the FT-i50, the two LEDs will start to blink RED. The NET (left side) indicates Iridium connection and GPS on the right side LED. With the aircraft in the open, both LEDs should start to blink GREEN after one or two minutes.


One green blink every second indicates that  the i50 is linked to the Iridium Satellites and in normal operation mode.
A double green NET blink every second indicates that data is waiting to be sent over the satellite network to the remote host routing software.
A red and green blink indicates that the i50 is linked to the satellites but the remote host software is not accepting the data.  This would normally indicate the i50 is not registered with your Iridium Service Provider. You may have to contact them for additional support.

The GPS LED will normally blink green every second. If it is blinking red, check all cable connections and ensure the antenna has a clear view of the sky and has not been mounted upside down. If it fails to turn green after 5 minutes contact support@datakinksystemsinc.com for help.


If you have contracted for Iridium service when you purchased the FT-150 and with both LEDs blinking green after one minute when powered up, you should receive a "Power Up" alert on your FlightGate Screen and to the listed Email addresses that have been registered. This is also a confirmation that the system is functioning. This repeats on all subsequent power ups.















TECHNICAL SUPPORT:     Email Support@datalinksystemsinc.com   Be as detailed as possible.



The FT-i50 Tracker is an advanced device.  To learn more about all the features that may apply for special Airborne Applications please click here,

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